What does downtime mean and how does Gumlet ensure service reliability?

When discussing the concept of downtime in the context of Gumlet’s services, it refers to the period during which the services are unavailable or not operational. Downtime is a critical factor in web services and content delivery, as it directly impacts user access and experience. In the world of online services, achieving minimal downtime is a key indicator of reliability and efficiency.

Gumlet addresses this concern by offering a 99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA). This figure represents a commitment to ensuring that their services are available and operational for 99.95% of the time. To put this into perspective, a 99.95% SLA translates to approximately 4 hours and 22 minutes of downtime in a year. This level of uptime is considered exceptionally high in the industry and is a testament to the robustness and reliability of Gumlet’s service.

One of the core reasons Gumlet can achieve such high levels of uptime is due to its reliance on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that includes industry leaders like Fastly and CloudFront. CDNs are networks of servers strategically located around the globe, designed to deliver content efficiently to users no matter where they are. By caching content across this network, Gumlet ensures that users can access videos and other media with low latency and high redundancy.