What does Gumlet do?

Suppose you have an app with lots of images and videos, then Gumlet will help you manage and optimize them. By using Gumlet you can ensure that your users get the best experience with any glitches or loading screens.

Once uploaded, Gumlet will validate, optimize, and process it.

We offer the following products with each account :

  1. Video Streaming: It’s challenging to upload a video to the internet on your own without using well-known video hosting services like YouTube. It entails converting your actual video files in a variety of resolutions, choosing the best formats, determining the right bitrates, and making numerous other adjustments. Not to mention the time, money, and engineering resources required to create and manage a tech pipeline.
  2. Image optimization: Gumlet is a cloud-based image optimization and delivery service.
    We assist many mobile applications and websites in providing their consumers with the best photos possible.
  3. Video analytics: You may gather video statistics from video playback with the use of Gumlet insights. For playback, engagement, quality, and performance data, it offers thorough statistics. For the most popular gamers, it offers ready-to-integrate SDKs so you can start collecting information right away.

Pricing: For pricing, you may refer to the provided link to see the monthly memberships.