What happens when I mark a video as Private?

I’ve noticed a new feature in Gumlet that allows us to make our videos private. However, I’m a bit confused about the functionality of this feature. Can someone provide more details and elaborate on what making videos private in Gumlet entails?

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Hey Kriss!

Yes, Gumlet’s newly introduced private video feature. When a video is marked as private, Gumlet takes active steps to prevent search engines from indexing it and this is achieved by embedding a meta attribute within the video’s code, signaling search engine crawlers that the content should not be included in their indexes. Despite being marked as private, these videos are accessible for viewing without the need for a password, ensuring a seamless experience for authorized viewers.

In contrast, public videos are designed to be indexed by search engines, allowing them to appear in search results for public viewing without restrictions. On the other hand, password-protected videos share similarities with private ones in terms of being excluded from search engine indexes. However, they introduce an additional layer of security by requiring a password for viewing.

This feature empowers content creators with the flexibility to control the visibility and accessibility of their videos based on specific privacy and security preferences. Feel free to ask if you seek further clarification or have additional questions!

Thank you