What is the audio bitrate offered by Vanced?

I’m currently setting up my audio streaming preferences and need some information about Vanced’s audio capabilities. Specifically, I’m looking to understand the audio bitrate that Vanced supports. Knowing this will help me optimize my listening experience and ensure that I’m getting the best possible audio quality. Can you provide details on the audio bitrate for Vanced?

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Sure! Vanced, which is an altered version of YouTube, typically follows the same audio bitrate standards as YouTube. This usually ranges between 126 kbps and 156 kbps for most YouTube videos, following the AAC audio format.
The bitrate might fluctuate depending on the quality of the video uploaded and YouTube’s encoding methods. High-quality videos might be available with bitrates a bit higher than this range, but for most YouTube content, this is the standard bitrate.

Interesting, so the audio quality on Vanced is equivalent to YouTube’s?

Exactly. Since Vanced streams content directly from YouTube, the audio quality you experience should be similar to what YouTube offers. The audio bitrate, which is a key factor in audio quality, is dynamically adjusted. It depends on the quality of the source video, the capabilities of your device, and importantly, the speed of your internet connection.
With a strong internet connection, Vanced typically streams at a higher bit rate, enhancing your audio experience. In contrast, with a slower connection, the app reduces the bitrate to maintain smooth playback.

So, with a fast internet connection, Vanced will stream at the best available bitrate?

Yes,. Vanced is designed to optimize streaming based on your internet speed. It automatically selects the highest bitrate possible, ensuring optimal audio quality. The app’s algorithm assesses your connection and adjusts the bitrate for the best audio experience.
However, the quality of the original video upload sets the maximum threshold for audio quality; even with a fast connection, the audio quality can’t exceed the original upload’s bitrate.

I see. Is there a way to manually adjust the audio bitrate in Vanced?

No, Vanced doesn’t offer a manual setting for audio bitrate adjustments. The app automatically determines the most suitable audio quality, considering your internet speed and the video’s maximum available quality. This automatic selection is meant to ensure a balance between high-quality audio and seamless streaming.
If you’re looking for manual control over the audio bitrate, other applications or software might be more suitable as they often provide more advanced settings, including the ability to adjust the streaming quality and audio bitrate according to your preferences.