What is the average chunk size for Gumlet HLS streaming?

The average chunk size for HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) streaming provided by Gumlet is set at 4 seconds. This is an important aspect to consider when dealing with streaming technologies, as the chunk size, or segment length, plays a crucial role in the overall streaming experience.

HLS works by breaking down a stream into a series of small HTTP-based file downloads, each containing a short segment of an overall stream. When you set the chunk size to 4 seconds, it means that each of these small files or “chunks” of data represents four seconds of video or audio content.

Gumlet’s choice of a 4-second chunk size for HLS streaming is a strategic decision that affects buffering, latency, quality adaptation, live streaming efficiency, and overall network performance. This size is chosen to optimize the streaming experience for a wide range of content and network conditions.