What is the firing order between `requestvideoframecallback` and `video.onSeeked` events?

How can I determine the firing order between the requestvideoframecallback and the video.onSeeked event? While I’ve learned that the requestvideoframecallback typically triggers after the requestanimationframe, I’m interested in understanding any further specifications, particularly concerning the relationship with the onSeeked event.

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The requestvideoframecallback event is triggered by the browser’s rendering engine to request the next frame of video rendering. Typically, it occurs shortly before the browser begins rendering the frame. On the other hand, the video.onSeeked event is fired when the seeking operation of the video element is completed, indicating that the playback position has been successfully changed to the specified time.

The exact firing order between these two events may vary depending on the browser implementation and the timing of the video playback and seek operations. In general, the requestvideoframecallback event tends to occur before the video.onSeeked event. This is because the rendering engine requests the next frame of video rendering before the seeking operation is completed and the playback position is updated.