Which codec do you use?

Any particular names of the codecs that Gumlet uses for encoding and decoding purposes?

Hi Dounia!

Here is the list of codec Gumlet support:

For Decoding:

  1. Cinepak
    Cinepak is a video codec created by SuperMac Technologies that compresses video data via vector quantization. As it was widely used in early multimedia applications, its inferior compression quality has led to it being mainly supplanted by more contemporary codecs.

  2. MPEG-4
    MPEG-4 is a commonly used technology that offers both high-quality video and audio and maintains comparatively modest file sizes. It enables a wide range of applications for multimedia, such as video calling, streaming, and multimedia storage.

  3. VP8
    On2 Technologies created the open-source, free-of-charge video compression format known as VP8. It is frequently used for streaming web videos, and well-liked web browsers support it.

For Encoding:

  1. H.264

    AVC (Advanced Video Coding), another name for H.264, is a popular video compression standard that offers effective video encoding while maintaining good visual quality. It is frequently utilized for a number of different purposes, such as video streaming, Blu-ray discs, and video conferencing.

  2. H.265

    In comparison to H.264, H.265 (also known as HEVC, or High-Efficiency Video Coding) delivers better compression efficiency, resulting in smaller file sizes and higher-quality video. It is frequently utilized for applications requiring high-resolution and ultra-high-definition video transmission.

For more information visit our documentation: Video Codecs

Hope this helps answer your question.