Which video format does Gumlet support?

Can someone from the Gumlet team provide me with the information regarding the formats that Gumlet supports? Is HLS, MP4, or DASH supported?

Hey Sahil,

Gumlet supports a range of video formats and codecs to offer compatibility and flexibility. Some of the well-liked video formats and codecs that Gumlet supports are as follows:

Video Formats

1. MP4

MP4 is a very adaptable video file format that supports a wide range of players and gadgets. It was introduced in 2001 and is currently the most popular video file format for encoding videos worldwide. While maintaining good video quality, MP4 is incredibly effective at compressing video files.

2. WebM

One of the best video formats for delivering multimedia material to a wide audience is WebM, which was developed by Google. This open-source video format is well-liked for playing videos directly in web browsers because it compresses videos to relatively modest amounts.

3. MOV

Apple created the MOV digital video file format to facilitate QuickTime player playback. Multimedia features like timecodes, audio and video files, subtitles, and more are included in MOV files.

4. AVI

Along with MP4, AVI is one of the first and most popular digital video file formats in use today. It was created by Microsoft in 1992 and is compatible with a variety of codecs, allowing video producers and editors to trade off quality for size and vice versa as needed.

5. MKV

The Matroska Multimedia Container, also known as MKV, was introduced in 2002 and is a free, open-source file format for storing an infinite amount of audio and video information, including movies and TV shows. In that both MKV and MP4 files can store text, graphics, subtitles, and other metadata, they are comparable to one another.

6. WMV

Microsoft created the well-known video file format known as WMV or Windows Media Video. Smaller file sizes are guaranteed by its great compression but at the cost of noticeably reduced video quality.


HD recordings are made in the AVCHD file format, which stands for Advanced Video Coding High Definition. Digital camcorders use it to store DVD and Blu-ray discs on hard drives and memory cards. It was created by Panasonic and Sony.

8. FLV

FLV, also known as Flash Video, uses the Adobe Flash Player plugin to deliver digital video and audio information over the internet. FLV video files have the.flv extension. Among other programs, FLV files can be opened using Adobe Animate, VLC, and Winamp.