Which video formats and codes does Gumlet support?

To provide compatibility and versatility, Gumlet supports a variety of video formats and codecs. The following are some of the popular video formats and codecs that Gumlet supports:

Video Formats

  1. MP4

It is commonly used video format that supports a variety of platforms and devices and provides effective compression.

  1. WebM

An open media format that offers high-quality video compression and is intended for the web.

  1. MOV

A popular video format commonly used in Apple’s QuickTime environment.

Video Codecs

  1. H.264 (AVC)

A widely used video codec that provides efficient compression while maintaining good video quality.

  1. H.265 (HEVC)

A newer video codec that offers improved compression efficiency, allowing for smaller file sizes with comparable quality to H.264.

  1. VP9

An open and royalty-free video codec developed by Google, providing high-quality compression and support for web streaming.

  1. AVI

A next-generation video codec designed for efficient compression and high-quality video delivery over the internet.

These are just a few examples of the video formats and codecs supported by Gumlet. The platform aims to provide compatibility with a wide range of formats and codecs to accommodate different video sources and target devices, ensuring seamless video delivery to your viewers. For more information visit: Video Formats and Codecs

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