Which video formats uses JPEG XL as their compression method?

Can you please provide more information about the video formats that have opted to use JPEG XL as their compression technique.

Also, what is the current state of JPEG XL’s integration into video compression like, and how broadly is the video encoding industry using it as of the most recent updates?

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JPEG XL is most commonly used for image compression, there is a growing trend towards its application in video compression as well.

Here is the list of formats for videos using JPEG XL:

  • AVIF, or AV1 Image File Format, is a widely used video format that uses JPEG XL for image compression and the AV1 video codec. Many streaming services and browsers are adopting AVIF because it provides higher compression quality and efficiency than earlier formats like WebP.

  • A container format called HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File Format) is capable of holding both photos and movies. Among the codecs employed by HEIF for image compression is JPEG XL. It is a desirable option for storing multimedia content in a single format since it offers superior image quality and compression performance.

The status of JPEG XL integration in video compression as of right now is JPEG XL integration into video compression is still in its infancy, but it already shows great promise:

  • Streaming Services: AVIF, which uses JPEG XL for picture compression, is being tested by a few streaming services and platforms. The capacity of AVIF to produce high-quality photos with reduced file sizes is what propels its popularity. Services are rapidly integrating since streaming efficiency and quality are crucial.

  • Browsers: As AVIF comes with JPEG XL by default, more and more web browsers are beginning to support it. Content providers are encouraged to use AVIF in order to take advantage of better image quality and quicker loading times, as browser support for it continues to develop.

  • HEIF: HEIF is becoming more and more common for both photos and videos. JPEG XL is one of the possibilities for picture compression when using HEIF, which uses many codecs. HEIF’s effective image and video compression features improve user experience as users produce and exchange multimedia content.

  • Video Encoding business: JPEG XL’s potential for video compression is beginning to be noticed by the video encoding business. Although it’s not as popular as well-known codecs just yet, the industry is investigating and playing around with the format.

JPEG XL is widely recognized for its exceptional image quality and high compression efficiency. Platforms and content producers wishing to retain excellent graphics while consuming the least amount of bandwidth and storage may find this tempting.

  • Continuous Improvement and Development: JPEG XL is constantly being worked on. It is anticipated to gain more popularity in the video compression business as it develops and gains more support.

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