Why does the server take time to respond while using CloudFront?

I am making a website for my project and now facing an issue, each document takes more than 1 second for the server to respond. I am using the stack s3+cloudfront. Can anyone help me out with what CloudFront setting can cause this? Here is the picture given below.


Hey Henry!
I hope this may help you to get rid of this problem.
If you still face any issues then let me know.


In my opinion, if the resource is not cached at CloudFront at the time of fetching (MISS from CDN), it could lead to high TTFB.

TTFB means?

TTFB measures the exact time lapse between the server HTML request and the moment it starts delivering the first byte.

Another reason can be if the nearest CloudFront node is far from your location then due to network latency one can have high TTFB.