Wrong image is coming up even though source image in google cloud storage is different

the logo https://apna-organization-logos.gumlet.io/production/663737 is wrong and the source image in cloud storage is different


Welcome to Gumlet, @Mayank_Bhargava . I’ve tagged a colleague of mine to take care of this. In the mean time, could you provide any other specific information that may help my team mates troubleshoot the issue?

We generally update images in our cloud bucket from time to time, but we are not seeing the updates reflected on cdn even after cache time expires

Wanted to understand the updates policies on cdn when we update images in cloud bucket

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When you update the image on your origin, you have to purge the cache on Gumlet via the dashboard or API.

Here is our caching infrastructure which might give you a better view.

Currently, the image you mentioned here is the same as the origin.

If you are still seeing old image, please clear your browser cache.

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