How is Gumlet an alternative to

Here are a few pointers that make Gumlet a better choice as compared to when it comes to video streaming and transcoding:

1. Reliability

Gumlet offers a guaranteed 99.95% uptime and SLA, along with several fail-proof mechanisms such as intelligent load balancing, etc, ensuring that your videos are streaming smoothly throughout.

2. Per-title Encoding

Gumlet’s AI-powered compression engine offers the highest possible compression without compromising on video quality so that your users can stream without any buffering issues.

3. Instant transcoding

Gumlet offers instant transcoding allowing you to stream your videos right after 5 secs of video upload while processing a new video takes a long duration in

4. Security

Gumlet offers Netflix-grade video security with tokenized access, Geoblocking, & host of other security-related features, while lacks essential Dynamic Watermarking support.

5. Community support

Apart from our 24X7 chat support, Gumlet has a vibrant and engaged community of Video streamers and tech enthusiasts where one can reach out for assistance or solutions and hear from subject matter experts.

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