How is Gumlet better than its competitors?

I’d like to learn more about Gumlet; are there any aspects that distinguish Gumlet from its competitors?

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Are you looking to compare Gumlet with any specific competitor?

I wanted to understand how Gumlet is better than AWS Elemental and AWS MediaConvert?

Hey Luna,

In my opinion, publishing video with popular video hosting platforms is hard. It involves transcoding the original video files in various resolutions, figuring out correct bitrates, selecting the optimal formats, and many other settings. Not to mention the computing cost, engineering efforts, and time spent to build and maintain a tech pipeline.

Gumlet automatically optimizes video by choosing the correct transcoding parameter for the video.
Here are the key points that make Gumlet better than its competitors:
Cost-effective: Gumlet charges only on the input minutes
Video Performance: Gumlet offers Per title encoding, faster delivery
Security: In-built DRM and other features
Scale Easily: Complete API access