What's the difference between Lambda, TinyPNG & Gumlet?

The main difference between the Lamda and the TinyPNG is you would have to make a different folder for optimized images whereas, Gumlet makes 4 types (Network Type, Browser Type, Viewport Width, and Device type) of detections to provide the most optimized content in realtime.

Gumlet is an automatic image optimization service, whereas Lambda function and TinyPNG require you to manually optimize and then store optimized images on your end. You would have to repeat this process if you change the image width, for example, on your end, or if browsers requested a different image format; for instance, avif is the most popular modern image format at the moment.

The benefit of Gumlet is that it automates your image delivery pipeline by automatically optimizing your images every time you request them via Gumlet at the proper dimensions and most recent format while optimizing delivery time and file size.

For more information on how Gumlet might be of service, please contact us. Creating a Gumlet account is free, and the users won’t be charged if they use less than 30GB of bandwidth per month (less than 25–30k pageviews).

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