Looking for an affordable video transcoding service

I am looking for an affordable video transcoding service for transcoding big videos. I’ve already looked at AWS elemental transcoding service and Bitmovin but they are not very cost effective as it seems.
Video processing is not my primary job and I am new to the field. I want to transcode videos for VOD service with multi-bitrate DASH format for streaming. Can anyone suggest a good service for video transcoding?

Comparing and finding good video transcoding can be very cumbersome, you might end up with a cost vs. reliability dilemma.
But Gumlet provides a complete video pipeline including transcoding, storage, and streaming. Integration with Gumlet using APIs is very simple, with just a few API calls your video publishing pipeline can be automated. Gumlet provides HLS and DASH formats for streaming your video and it uses the best available CDN service to ensure the best video experience to end users. Pricing of Gumlet is also very simple, it is divided into three components, transcoding cost, storage cost, and streaming cost, all three charges are on a per-minute basis. Transcoding is only charged on input video minutes so no matter how many output resolutions are generated, you will be charged the same, unlike other video transcoding services like AWS which charges on output minutes. They also offer a free plan. You can read more about Gumlet pricing here.
Do let me know if you have further query.