What is Video Transcoding, and how long does it take to process a video?

Video transcoding is the process of transforming a video file from one format to another is referred to as transcoding. I include decoding the original video, maybe changing its attributes (such as resolution, bitrate, or codec), and then recodifying it into a different format. Transcoding is frequently done to improve video quality, reduce file sizes, or assure device compatibility.

Whereas, Instant transcoding means that the client doesn’t have to wait for the video to finish processing before they can start streaming it. It takes very little time (approx ⅓ of the video duration).

So after we introduced this feature, As the video is being processed and is in the pre-processing condition, our customers can now acquire a functioning HLS URL without having to wait for the video to be processed. After the video has been processed, the cache will be cleared and the file will be made available in a variety of resolutions.

Several factors affect how long it takes to transcode and process a video:

1. Video Length

Transcoding longer videos typically takes longer than transcoding shorter ones.

2. Original File Format

Transcoding time may be impacted by the complexity of the source video format. For encoding and decoding, some formats could need more time and processing resources.

3. Desired Output Format

Processing needs to vary depending on the output format. Some formats could be more difficult to encode or optimize for smaller files.

4. Encoding Settings

The processing time depends on the resolution, bitrate, and codec that are selected for the encoding. It could take longer to encode content with higher resolutions, higher bitrates, or more sophisticated codecs.

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