What are the types of Video Transcoding?

There are five different forms of transcoding, and each one is based on the demands and specifications of the video content as well as the intended purpose.

  1. Container Transcoding
  • This type of transcoding is used to modify the container format of a video file while maintaining the exact same video and audio codecs.

  • For example, you can convert an MKV file to an MP4 file or the other way around.

  • When you wish to convert between different container formats that offer different features or compatibility with particular devices or systems, container transcoding is the best option.

  1. Resolution Transcoding
  • Resolution transcoding refers to changing the video file’s resolution such as from 1080p to 720p while keeping the same bitrate and codec.

  • It is useful for lowering the file size while retaining the same level of quality, customizing the video for a certain display or bandwidth requirement, or both.

  1. Codec Transcoding
  • This sort of transcoding involves altering the video or audio codec of a video file such as from an H.264 file to an H.265.

  • When you want to improve the video quality, reduce the file size, or have more compatibility with specific devices or systems then this type of transcoding is the best choice.

  1. Bitrate Transcoding
  • In this, the user can alter the video file’s bitrate while keeping its resolution and codec. For example, convert a high-bitrate file to a low-bitrate file.

  • When you want to optimize the video for a particular bandwidth need or when you want to lower the file size while maintaining the same resolution and codec, bitrate transcoding is helpful.

  1. Frame Rate Transcoding
  • While maintaining the same resolution, codec, and bitrate, this sort of transcoding modifies the frame rate of a video file.

  • For instance, you may change a 60 frames-per-second (fps) movie to a 30-fps one.

  • When you wish to optimize the video for a particular playing device or lower the file size while maintaining the same quality level, frame rate transcoding can be useful.

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