What are video collections/channels?

Video collections

It is a content management system, that allows you to organize your videos. You can make multiple folders under your collections, and can also pre-set the parameters to process your videos at a collection level.

Here is the tutorial on how you can create Video Collections on Gumlet.

  1. Go to the Video Collections.

  2. Click on the Create First Video Collection.

  3. Enter the required fields like Collection Name, Origin, Base URL, Default Video Profile, and Default Insight Property.

  4. Hit the Create Collection button.

If you face any issue regarding the fields then please visit this link for more information. Video Collections


A channel is a YouTube-like landing page to showcase your videos. Now, for every collection, you can create channels.

This is how you can create channels for your video collections: Can I create channels on Gumlet's Video CMS?