How do I stream using ffmpeg?

I’m trying to stream my videos using FFmpeg for the first time. Can someone in the community assist me in doing this task?

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Hey @sahil - welcome to Gumlet community. Good to know that you’re working with FFMpeg and want to stream videos.

We will surely assist you with this task. Could you share a bit more about your project and tell us exactly where you are stuck? That way, our technical team will be able to assist you better.


You can see the guide here: StreamingGuide – FFmpeg

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Thanks but can you provide me with a short up-to-the-point tutorial?

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  1. Install FFmpeg

    The first step is to make sure that FFmpeg is installed on your system.

  1. Finalize your media

    Make sure that the audio or footage you want to broadcast is in a format that is supported. It’s crucial to have your media in a format that is compatible with FFmpeg because it supports a wide range of codecs and containers.

  2. Create a Live Streaming Server

    You can use Nginx with the RTMP plugin or alternative media servers like Wowza or Red5 to create your own streaming server. The installation of a server is optional; alternative streaming services are available.

  3. Begin the Streaming Server

    If you configured your own streaming server, launch it by using the proper commands or settings for the server software you choose.

  4. Execute the following command

    ffmpeg -i input_file -c:v [video_codec] -c:a [audio_codec] -f [output_format] [streaming_protocol://stream_url]
  • input_file: Path to your input media file.
  • video_codec: Specify the video codec you want to use for streaming, e.g., libx264 for H.264.
  • audio_codec: Specify the audio codec you want to use for streaming, e.g., aac.
  • output_format: Choose the output format, e.g., flv, rtmp, hls, etc.
  • streaming_protocol: Select the streaming protocol you want to use, e.g., rtmp, http, etc.
  • stream_url: The URL or server endpoint to which you want to stream your content.

I hope now this tutorial is helpful for you.

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