How to Record Streaming Video?

Being new to this profession, I’m looking for advice on how to record streaming video. I’m interested in finding out how to efficiently record streaming videos, and I’m also seeking suggestions for software programs that may be useful in this respect. It’s crucial for me to gain a thorough understanding of the methods and procedures for recording streaming video content, as well as to find dependable software programs that can help.

I would be very grateful for any advice, clarifications, or tips that the community may offer to help me understand this topic and improve my understanding of and proficiency with video capture. Your help is greatly appreciated.


To record streaming video using FFmpeg, follow the below given steps:

1. Install FFmpeg

Make sure that you have FFmpeg installed on your system, if not refer to the given links:

2. Identify the Stream URL

Find the streaming video’s URL that you want to record. The source code of the website or the video element frequently contains this information. Make sure you have the right URL before moving on.

3. Launch Command Prompt or Terminal

  1. For Windows, open the Command Prompt by pressing Win + R, typing cmd, and hitting Enter.
  2. For macOS or Linux, access the Terminal.

4. Use FFmpeg to Record the Stream

Use the following FFmpeg command

ffmpeg -i "URL" -c:v copy -c:a aac -strict experimental output.mp4

Replace URL with the actual streaming video URL. This command instructs FFmpeg to:

  • -i: Specify the input URL.
  • -c:v copy: Duplicate the video codec without re-encoding, preserving quality.
  • -c:a aac: Encode audio using the AAC codec.
  • -strict experimental: Activate experimental codecs (AAC).
  • output.mp4: Set the output file name and format (modify “output.mp4” as needed, e.g., to .mkv or .avi).

5. Control the Recording

Stop the recording by pressing Ctrl + C within the Command Prompt or Terminal.

6. Verify the Recorded Video

After stopping the recording, you can locate the recorded video file (e.g., output.mp4) in the same directory where you initiated the FFmpeg command.

This is how you can record the streaming video. Let me know if you have further questions.


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